Hello and welcome to my website! Here’s a little about myself and my art practice

Movement is essential to my life, and I’ve been told I’m always in motion. I think it’s a nice way to say I can’t sit still.

Maybe that’s why I love working with mediums like resin and inks. There’s a connection between how I’m always moving forward and the liquid products I use, because once they’re out of the bottle they flow!  The paintings themselves have energy and motion to them, and this is what I hope my paintings do-  bring a sense of joy and positive energy to a room, through colour and through the motion in the pieces

I love working on large scale canvases and have exhibited and sold artworks locally, nationally and internationally. If you’re interested in booking a workshop or commissioning me to create an art piece for you, contact me at linda@nikkel.ca

36×48, layers of resin and paints.

24″x48″ Resin and metallics on Panel.