Walking Strong (Canvas 1)

For this collaboration, contributions from more than 300 people in our community resulted in a cut-paper paper collage that features four large canvases. To create this series of pieces, participants from a variety of backgrounds and cultures came together at different times and places. The four canvases made their way around Abbotsford where numerous groups had a hand in their completion. Some of the places that the canvases toured included: the local Mosque, a Canadian Federation of University Women meeting, Coffee and Culture (a seniors group), Christine Lamb Residence (transitional housing for women and children), The Warm Zone (drop in centre for women who are street engaged), Holmberg House (hospice), Fraser Valley Institution (corrective institute in Abbotsford) The Reach Gallery Museum, SARA for Women (a resource centre for women), the Abbotsford Art and Wine walk in downtown Abbotsford, and many more. The imagery in the artwork represents a group of women walking purposefully together through a range of landscapes. The message is one of unity in difference, and reflects the strength that exists in the vast diversity of our community.

Prints are available

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