Artist in Residence

One of the reasons that I’m asked to facilitate art projects in schools is because I work well with teachers to support and integrate art in to what they’re teaching. Integrating art into lesson plans or themes makes for a more meaningful learning experience and helps students retain information because they are more actively engaged.

Art Resin Mosaic School Project

Here’s a video demonstrating what grade 9 and 10 students at Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts created with ArtResin epoxy resin. I love working with resin and my resin of choice is ArtResin. There are lots of good ideas and information on their website at

The final project installed!

Voices of Courage Community Project

Eugene Reimer Middle School approached me about an art project involving the entire school body, centering on the school theme of courage. They asked if I was willing to design and facilitate a 10’x5′ installation in their school foyer. Sure I was! My goal in the whole project was inclusiveness. Eugene Middle School has a… Read more »

Forest and Stream

This beautiful collaged wall was a project that I facilitated with grade 8 classes. A variety of different kinds of papers were hand-torn and applied onto the wall with a gel medium. After we created the scene, a mosaic artist added tiles to create the stream.

Picnic Tables at Abbotsford School of Fine Arts

One of my ongoing projects as Artist in Residence at Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts is the Picnic Table Project. Each year for the past four years, the Grade Seven students have participated in painting picnic tables that permanently sit in the hallway of the school. Each year, the school has a different theme so… Read more »

Action Reaction!

  Action Reaction! Having some fun at Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts! I was asked to facilitate an art workshop for the teacher’s professional development day. Being so close to the end of the year, I was told that the afternoon should be fun, with an emphasis on next year’s school theme. I came up… Read more »


The doors at North Poplar Elementary were a school project where each class chose an artist or theme, and painted the door to the classroom to represent their choice. From Roy Lichtenstein to Picasso and Tom Thompson, children learned about style, genre and technique by helping to transfer and paint their design’s on to the… Read more »

Flag Project

This flag was a project created by a class of Grade Three’s. We first made paper with pulp and water, using blenders. When the paper was pressed and dry, the students made their own maple leaves from the paper, and wrote what Canada means to them on the leaves. Then we glued them on to… Read more »