Life is a Beach

Resin with blues, purples, golds and pearls. 20″x30″ click on image to see full piece


24″x48″ layers of golds, bronzes, pearls and silvers. Click on image to see full piece.

Pink Marble

Gorgeous resin art with layers of iridescent golds and pearls added to the layers. 24″x48″. Click on the image to see full piece.


24″x48″ Each Resin abstract piece is original, and can’t be duplicated exactly. The design is captured in a free flowing fluid state, which then hardens. Surfacing has three layers of resin to give it depth. Click on image to see the full piece.


12″x12″ on wood canvas. Layers upon layers give this resin piece some weight.

Into The Deep

0nly 12″x12″, but several layers of coloured resin give this piece so much dimension. Sold

Catching the Waves

Two layers of poured blue resin followed by splashes of silver and white paints. Sold


36″x24″ Four layers of resin with rich purples, deep plums, and hints of gold underneath the layers. Click on image to see the full art piece.

Blue Energy.

Richly textured, this 7′ x 4′ commissioned abstract piece is the colour splash in a room decorated in monochromatic tones. On grey BC days, it’s a splash of colour, and on bright sunny days, it reflects the beautiful colours outside. Click on image to see full art piece. Sold