True Blue

True Blue. Acrylic on wood canvas. 54″x24″. Beautiful bold brushstrokes in shades of blues, complemented by warm yellows, this richly coloured piece is my latest commission. It decorates my brother’s home in Manitoba.


Foster. Foster Hewitt was a Canadian radio broadcaster most famous for his play-by-play calls for Hockey Night in Canada. Herons are active both during the day and night. Specially designed eyes allow them to see equally good at night and day. They nest in colonies that can include up to 500 nests per territory. A… Read more »

Blue Energy.

Richly textured, this 7′ x 4′ commissioned abstract piece is the colour splash in a room decorated in monochromatic tones. On grey BC days, it’s a splash of colour, and on bright sunny days, it reflects the beautiful colours outside. Click on image to see full art piece. Sold

Molly and Hughie

Canadian Mosaic Series. Those of us who used to watch the Canadian Series, “The Beachcombers” will remember Molly, owner of the cafe, Molly’s Reach. Molly was a mother figure to the other characters on the show, and Hughie was one of her grandchildren. The Beachcombers ran from 1972-1990, and offered insight into Canada’s multicultural heritage…. Read more »


Terry. What’s in a name? Terry Fox was an ordinary Canadian who’s determination was remarkable, and who’s legacy is extraordinary. There are approximately 32 roads and streets, 14 schools, and 7 monuments named after him. Porcupines- Porcupines are divided in to two species- Old World and New World. Porcupines found in Canada belong to the… Read more »



Lester. What’s in a name? During Lester B Pearson’s time as Prime Minister, his government introduced universal health care, student loans, the Canada Pension Plan, the Order of Canada, and the new Flag of Canada. His government abolished capital punishment in Canada. With these accomplishments, together with his groundbreaking work at the United Nations and… Read more »

Polar bears

Nellie and Cubs

Nellie and Cubs. What’s in a name? Nellie McClung was a teacher, writer, speaker, politician, and activist. Passionate about human rights, by1911, Nellie had started actively fighting for women’s right to vote. Polar bears- Female polar bears den by digging into deep snow drifts, which provide protection and insulation from the elements. They give birth… Read more »



Pierre- What’s in a name? Pierre Trudeau was Canada’s fifteenth Prime Minister. Though not without controversy, he is consistently ranked as one of the greatest Canadian prime ministers and even regarded as the father of modern Canada. We can thank Pierre for our Charter of Rights and Freedoms Moose- moose live in every province in… Read more »

Into the Woods

Into The Woods

One of my favourite things to do is to go for walks along the trails by our house. In a busy city, finding solitude among these tall trees gives me ‘thinking time’. This piece was created by applying layers of very wet paint, laying twisted plastic sheets over top, and quickly lifting off to remove… Read more »


Bold colours and loosely painted, this vase of Irises will liven up any room.