True Blue

True Blue. Acrylic on wood canvas. 54″x24″. Beautiful bold brushstrokes in shades of blues, complemented by warm yellows, this richly coloured piece is my latest commission. It decorates my brother’s home in Manitoba.

Into the Woods

Into The Woods

One of my favourite things to do is to go for walks along the trails by our house. In a busy city, finding solitude among these tall trees gives me ‘thinking time’. This piece was created by applying layers of very wet paint, laying twisted plastic sheets over top, and quickly lifting off to remove… Read more »


Lilies in a still life with vibrant saturated colours.


Bold colours and loosely painted, this vase of Irises will liven up any room.

Cone head up close

This echinacea is intense with colour and loosely painted, allowing colours to overlap and bleed in to each other.

Paper Roses

Textured papers and rich colours were used to create this vase of roses. Acrylic paints added the highlights and shadows. 24″x36″ gallery wrapped canvas.