Walking Strong

“The Walking Strong series is probably the most meaningful artwork that I’ve worked on and continue to work on. I volunteer at The Warm Zone, a drop in centre for women who are street involved and I was inspired by the women I’ve met there. Women who access services there don’t seem to have a voice or place in our society, yet I have found such resilience in them. They inspire me, and they inspired my first Walking Strong pieces.

This series has grown in scope, both in medium and audience. I use either acrylic paints or paper collage to create Walking Strong pieces as commissions to represent women and their families, or as community pieces involving groups of women from all walks of life.”

Canada 150 Through Women’s Lens

Walking Strong Together This paper collage titled “Canada 150 Through Women’s Lens”, features four large canvases which more than 300 people from our community helped create. These four canvases are the common thread that have woven their way through Abbotsford and have included people from places such as our local Mosque, University Women’s Club, Coffee… Read more »

Walking Strong with University Women’s Club

Walking Strong. Canadian Federation of University Women, Abbotsford. Paper and paint on a wooden canvas. A group project by approximately 25 women. Walking Strong series represents community. When we connect with each other, and know that we are all more the same than we are different, barriers come down and we can work together as… Read more »

Walking Strong #4

I Got Your Back

Walking Strong Series. Paper and acrylic fluids 18×36. Click on image to see full art piece. Not for sale.


Walking Strong series. 18″x30″ Paper and acrylic fluids 18×36. Not for Sale


The Neufeld Sisters

Walking together, in support of each other always. The background of this piece represents where in Canada they live – mountains for Doris, rocks and trees for Darlene, and prairies for Karen.

Walking Together

This 18”x72” vibrantly painted acrylic piece rests above the mantle of my brothers fireplace. I love that the women aren’t centred on the canvas!