Foster. Foster Hewitt was a Canadian radio broadcaster most famous for his play-by-play calls for Hockey Night in Canada. Herons are active both during the day and night. Specially designed eyes allow them to see equally good at night and day. They nest in colonies that can include up to 500 nests per territory. A… Read more »

Jones and Walsh

Canadian Mosaic Series. Jones and Walsh. What’s in a name? Cathy Jones and Mary Walsh were both born in Newfoundland. They both helped create the Canadian television series, “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”, a parody of the nightly news, which would poke fun at Canadian and international politics. And they have each received 18 Gemini… Read more »

Tom and Roberta

Tom and Roberta. What’s in a name? There are many Canadians named Tom or Roberta who have been positive role models. Roberta Jamieson is the first Aboriginal woman to become a lawyer in Canada. She is a member of the Six Nations of Grand River Territory and resides there with her partner, Tom. Roberta was… Read more »


Tommy. What’s in a name? There are many Canadians named Tommy, and many have made contributions to Canadian society but perhaps one of the most recognized is Tommy Douglas. Big horned sheep- Mountain sheep have extremely good eyesight and can detect small objects and slight movements more than a kilometre away. This ability also allows… Read more »