Linda Nikkel Klippenstein
Linda Nikkel Klippenstein grew up in Steinbach Manitoba. She had a happy, and happily uneventful childhood, growing up in a family where honesty, generosity and wit were valued. She took these values to heart as she grew older, winning her many loyal friends. The home Linda grew up in was often filled with guests and laughter, also something that has impacted Linda’s adult life. After attending college in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Linda and her husband chose to relocate to Abbotsford, British Columbia. Their home is always on the verge of chaos, but with intent. Dale, Linda’s husband, is a professional photographer, and their two daughters are talented and budding artists. The creative energy is palpable.When Linda is not painting, she can be found on her bike, or on her feet … hiking, or walking her dog. She volunteers her time in a variety of ways, but creating art with people from all walks of life is her passion; she is also a talented and sought-after speaker.

She also likes music, shoes, and leaping.